Anytime is limbo time!

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working hard at the photoshoot

they sleep the same

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devil soo strikes again

All the hyungs getting burned by baby peanut Oh Sehun  


Luhan - 140819 Guinness World Records weibo update: “让大家久等了!今天,#吉尼斯世界纪录#正式宣布由@EXO-M #LUHAN#于2012年9月10日转发自曼彻斯特联队球迷俱乐部的微博获得了13,162,859条评论,从而创造了#微博上最多评论的博文#的世界纪录。”

Translation: “Everyone has waited for really long! Today #Guinness World Record# makes an official announcement that @EXO-M #LUHAN# has, on, 10 September 2012 received 13,162,859 comments on his Manchester United Weibo repost, and thus set a #Most Comments on a Weibo Post# world record.”

Credit: 吉尼斯世界纪录.

Fuck, Marry, Get Drunk With. Send me 3 names.


those pants should be illegal,

well hello there sugaconda

Hello this is EXO’s leader Suho. Since I don’t have my own personal sns account I used Sehun’s instagram. First it’s an honor to join this great campaign that is the ice bucket challenge thanks to close friends, Kwanghee hyung and Eddy Kim. Since I was tagged by two people, I did the challenge twice and donated $200. The next people I nominate are EXO’s Sehun, Boa sunbaenim and actor Byun Yohan. Thank you.

140815 luhan